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For the elaboration of our olive oils we follow a strict methodology that combines multiple processes, allowing us to achieve the best taste.

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    Raw material

    Everything starts from the care and breeding of the olives. To obtain a quality olive oil we need the best olives. Once they are ready, it is proceeded to the agitation, a traditional process for the collection of the olive trees.

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    Once the fruit is obtained, it arrives at our presses where we carefully select the product depending on the variety and degree of ripeness. Once classified, the olives undergo a careful washing process and subsequent storage until the time of grinding.

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    The next phase of grinding and whipping allows us to gradually separate the solid part from the liquid part, which for the moment is pasty, but from which we extract the oil.

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    At this stage of the production of olive oil, quality will be determined. The first separation of oil from the paste previously obtained is usually the highest quality oil. This process is carried out by a careful and selective filtration and extraction by pressure, from which the olive oil is obtained as a result.

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    Conservation and Distribution

    Once obtained and filtered to remove any solid residue that the product may contain, it is stored where it loses some of the negative properties, such as bitterness, while obtaining other nuances that enhance its flavor.
    Later, they are packaged and marketed

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