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Author: Mancha Oliva

Types of Olive Oils

We have all used different types of olive oils, but very few are aware of exactly what they are or through which processes pass these oils to receive a name or another. The truth is that there are multiple varieties and it is not always clear how to differentiate the different qualities of olive oil.

Benefits of Olive Oil

n recent decades, olive oil has been studied for its many health benefits. These studies have concluded that olive oil has both healing and preventive properties of multiple diseases including cardiovascular diseases, various cancers, alzheimer’s, osteoporosis among many others.

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the blog of Aceites Mancha Oliva. Now, we open our new blog through which we will pass on the latest news from the oil industry, various publications about the uses, benefits and some recipes of our oils, as well as much other information about what we do. We hope to help you discover […]